Leo Spelling Bilingual edition is the perfect way to introduce early learners to English and Spanish words. Our app uses a clear and colorful interface to help kids spell simple words in both languages.

  • Beautiful artwork with playful sounds
  • Easily switch between English and Spanish spelling
  • Letters and words pronounced by native speaker
  • Fun coloring activity that encourages creativity
  • Recommended for early learners

Leo Bilingual Spelling is designed to introduce letter sounds and shapes to young children. Hearing letters pronounced by a native speaker is an important part of developing language fluency at an early age. We believe all learning should be creative, so a simple but fun coloring activity is included between each word.
Voice: Stella Williams
Sound Effects:
Helado - Travis Morgan (CC-BY)
Huevos - Adriel Kroneberger (CC-BY)
Leon - Bidone (CC-BY)
Pan - Iwan Gabovitch (CC-BY)
Success - CC-BY jobro (freesound.org)