Jeff Holmes, PhD (Education, Vanderbilt)
Jeff has spent more than 20 years developing technology-based education programs and conducting a wide range of research in teacher education, cross-cultural learning, and technologies aimed at the K-12 level. At Harvard University, he served as Digital Learning Editor for the Encyclopedia of Life project, an international effort to build a freely accessible database of the world's biodiversity. Jeff previously worked at Discovery Education where he was Director of Instructional Design, focusing on the design and development of media-based learning and assessment programs. Jeff draws on his experience in science, technology, and education to explore new ways of learning.
Ingrid Villalta, BFA (Fine Arts), MA (Digital Media, NEU)

Fluent in English and Spanish, Ingrid is an illustrator and graphic designer with many years of experience in graphic design and illustration. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a major in graphic design and a Masters Degree in Digital Media from Northeastern University, Boston, MA. In addition to working with digial media, Ingrid has illustrated children's books and enjoys painting murals for children's spaces.

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