Our ad-free game combines the best of crosswords and i-spy puzzles to teach spelling and help kids learn the pronunciation of basic Spanish words. Top features include:

  • Over 175 common Spanish words spoken by a native Spanish speaker
  • Breaks words into syllables as recommended by top teachers
  • Syllable categories include Open, Mixed, Blends, and Digraphs
  • Track words, scores, and levels for 8 separate players
  • Learn Spanish fast through fun game and i-Spy puzzle play

Leo Crosswords has been carefully designed to introduce young learners to Spanish, with a focus on vocabulary and pronunciation. The program enables students to learn new words that contain Open Syllables (ends in a vowel) or Mixed Syllables (ends in a vowel or a consonant). In addition, students can focus on more challenging words that are Blends (combinations of 2 or 3 consonants such as "bl" or "ch") and Digraphs (vowel combinations that have distinct sounds like "au" and "eu"). By breaking words down in syllables, students begin to discover patterns which makes learning new words easier.